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Tokyo Toasted Sesame Carrot Bacon gives you savoury, sweet, salty & umami flavours with every satisfying bite. Unleashes the nutty, rich flavour of sesame oil, sweet acidity of balsamic vinegar and mouth-watering tang of tamari onto your palette. 

Carolina Smoke Carrot Bacon is our most powerful flavour with a nice blend of savoury, smoky, salty, subtly sweet & slightly spicy. Packs a punch of tongue-lingering smoked paprika, mouth-watering smoky hickory and a touch of maple sweetness. 

Applewood Carrot Bacon is our most delicate flavour with a nice blend of smoky, salty & subtly sweet. Applewood smoke flavour provides a craveable warmth and semi-sweetness that blends well with subtle onion & garlic aromas.